Rent to Own (A)

Take Over Vehicles is targeted at Individuals that can't get Finance or a Loan to Purchase a Vehicle of Choice. 

On Take Over, you are paying off a remaining Term on a Vehicle from a Private Owner, and Ownership will only be registered into your name at the end of that Term. You also have the option to trade the Vehicle in at a later Stage, should you want to upgrade / downgrade.

There is NO Limitation on Kilometers on any of the Vehicles.

Contracts in place for every Vehicle!

Black-Listed / Bad or Low Credit-Score Clients / Self-Employed / Under Debt Review Individuals are Welcome to Apply!

All the Vehicles are not located in a Showroom, but they get advertised, and is available Nationally. Viewing can be arranged once your Application with us gets Pre-Approved, and you have the Deposit ready.

The Deposit will only be paid when you are with the Vehicle, and/or is Satisfied to do the Deal when working abroad. 

(No Upfront Admin Fees Payable!!)

The Deposits goes towards any outstanding Instalments on the Vehicle/ Compensation to the Owner / Broker's Commission and Contract Fees. 

This Deposit is also not refundable, should you decide to cancel the Deal at any time. Should you want to trade the Vehicle at a later Stage, a part of your initial Deposit will be recovered as Compensation.

A Holding Deposit can also be paid, should you want to reserve a Vehicle for a later Stage, please discuss with us.

A 10% Service Fee will be charged for all Cash Deposits above R10 000, and/or any Cancellations or Refunds or Holding Deposits.

In some Instances, Travelling/Delivery-Fees will also be charged to deliver a Vehicle to a Client, all depending on Areas etc! 

Pre-Approved Applications are valid for (1) one Month. 

Documents needed to Apply: Your Documents will be held Confidential!

                                                        Copy of ID Document / Passport

                                                        Copy of Valid SA Driver's License

                                                        Proof of Residence

                                                        Proof of Employment (Latest Pay-Slip) (Self-Employed - Copy of CK Document)

                                                        3 Month's Bank-Statements (6 Months if Self-Employed)

NB: Most of the Vehicles have an Instalment also due on the 1st - 7th of the coming month, but please discuss this with us, if purchasing near the end of a Month.